Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Windowsill Herb Garden That's Just Right To Your Home

HERB gardens are usually for people who have backyards in their own homes. But those who live in the city are discovering that you don't need to go outdoors to grow herbs, you can just put up a windowsill herb garden. This kind of herb garden doesn't take up a large space and is very low maintenance - all you need to do is just place several small pots blooming with your favorite herbs!

Despite its smallness, a windowsill herb garden can still contain your favorite herbs. You may want to consider cultivating Mediterranean herbs not only because they are popular, but because they are readily available in stores.

Below are some great tips for those who are interested in windowsill herb gardening:

1. Place your herbs in a sunny spot where they can take advantage of the most sunlight. The majority of herbs will be perfectly happy situated in a south-facing window where they can get at least 5 hours of sunshine. During the winter you can use fluorescent lightning as a good supplement.

2. Give your plants just enough water so that the soil stays lightly moist. Herbs don't fancy sitting in wet soil!
3. Soil selection is important too. Make sure that the soil is mixed with lime and sand to promote maximum growth of your herbs. You can also use a soilless potting mix.

4. Any kind of container will do, you just have to make sure that the pot allows for ample drainage. To save you money, you can use the nice containers lying around the house.

5. Be sure to plant your herbs according to their growing recommendations. Herb kits are ideal for any beginner grower.

6. Most herbs need to be fertilized once a month. Make sure that you use an edible-only fertilizer. Ideally, the best way to fertilize is by mixing the fertilizer with water and putting it to the plant during watering.

7. Snip and trim your plants regularly to encourage more growth. Choose nice herbs that are ideal for windowsill gardening like basil, chives, lavender, thyme, mint and parsley. These herbs stay compact and dense and they don't need big pots.

There are lots of herbs that can be successfully grown in a windowsill environment and are readily available in garden centers or local nurseries. You can choose to start them from seed, but if you are a beginner grower, a herb garden kit can prove to be very handy. One great advantage of a windowsill garden is that it requires only minimal care. Herbs are known to be the easiest type of plant to cultivate; they can grow in containers just by using the right combination of seed and soil.

As long as there is sunlight, your herbs will always flourish. Be sure to take full advantage of the herbs you grow, as most herbs have medicinal properties too! Use them in teas, salads, dishes, or even desserts for a wonderful twist in flavor. Can you now imagine having your own windowsill herb garden?

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