Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tomato Gardening Tips

You need to know right off that being able to grow the best tomatoes isn't an easy proposition. You need to know how to give them the best care and how to create the best growing conditions to ensure that they get everything they need. What they need is sufficient light, good soil, and lots of water. The soil needs to have warmed up enough before you plant them. Once you have your plants growing you then have to become a caretaker. You care for them by trimming the leaves of your tomatoes. This is done because it is believed that it's the leaves that have been responsible for most of the problems that occur when growing tomatoes.

Exposure to sunlight cannot be stressed enough. This can be either artificial or natural, but the more of it your tomatoes can get the higher yield you can expect to have. So to ensure that your young tomato plants get the light they need to grow, it is recommended that you put them under grow lights. Then once they have a good start you can take them outside. Then you can put them in a part of the garden where you know they will receive plenty of natural sunlight.

Any of the tomato growing experts will tell you that your tomatoes grow best under conditions of warmth. Before you ever start your tomatoes one good tip is to first cover or enclose the part of your garden you plan to use and heat it. This can take you as long as several weeks which is why early planning needs to take place. Warming up your garden spot is not a guarantee of juicy tomatoes, but it actually does accelerate the speed for their growth. This alone makes it worth doing.

A common mistake many gardeners make is to crowd their seedling so they can get a higher yield. I will let you know right now that this may get you some more tomatoes, but you lose a lot in quality. Tomato gardening works at its best when you space out your seedlings to let them have enough room and to spread out. While they continue to grow some experts recommend that you move them to a larger place that will further facilitate their growth and give them enough space to grow to their full size.

Another tip for your tomato gardening is fanning your seedlings. It's not really clear why this works but it is a common belief that tomato plants will grow better when placed under a constant light breeze. It might be that a breeze forces your plants to develop stronger stems. You won't need to keep a fan on them all day, but just half an hour a day should be sufficient.
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