Saturday, November 16, 2013

5 Things You Should Know About Concrete Building Moving

 Concrete building moving is not for the light hearted. The amount of labor, machine and paperwork involved makes moving any structure an extremely demanding and dangerous job. Despite the potential risks, many companies seek out buildings movers to relocate their establishment literally. Often times it is done to thwart any potential dangers or hazards to the building and its occupants. In today's article, we will mention five things that companies should keep in mind regarding concrete building moving.

1. No Permits? No Move!

There is a fair amount of paperwork and red tape involved in concrete building moving. Several local and state authorities have to be notified beforehand and all rules and regulations should be observed as per the county and state. Some counties have specific laws as to when a move should take place. Some prohibit moving at night or on weekdays. Police escorts are required for the entire trip. In addition, local municipal permits and crew assistance might be needed depending on the size of the building. It is absolutely important to obtain all the permits otherwise the move will not take place.

2. Be Assured of Being Insured

Different types of insurances policies exist today covering different aspects of a building. Building owners should make sure that company undertaking the project is fully insured and at least provides comprehensive liability and structural road insurance during the entire move.

3. Concrete Building Moving requires Heavy Machinery

Concrete building moving demands up-to-date heavy duty machinery. Some of the most frequently used tools and equipment are hydraulic pumps, wheel dollies, bolster beams and steel rollers. Movers who have been in the house moving business take a step further. They build and modify their equipment over time to keep up with more demanding and advanced projects.

4. Construct the Foundation Before the Move

Oftentimes it is recommended and in fact stressed that the building be in place and raised so that the foundation walls can be properly constructed. This is especially the case when dealing with old building structures because older structures are not always perfectly square. Building movers can also perform excavation and backfill on foundation work if needed.

5. Concrete Building Moving is Expensive

Moving large structures such as buildings will be an expensive Endeavour. The total costs depend on site condition and size of the building, its weight, design and exterior height. The distance traveled also affects the cost because most of the work is in the prepping, raising, loading and unloading the building. Each project is different and requires a lot of time. Therefore always ponder all options and debate the move thoroughly before going ahead with it. Weight the total costs as well as the going through and not going through with the move.

These are a few things that both building movers and building owners should keep in mind when considering concrete building moving. Safety, feasibility, and success - these are variables that should be discussed at length beforehand in order to have a smooth and swift building move.

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