Sunday, November 3, 2013

Design Concepts for Domestic Landscape Gardening

This article will talk about different design concepts that are used in domestic landscape design. Landscape gardening is a beautiful mixture of art and industry. In this way it is not too dissimilar to the world of architecture. This is where artistic concepts and the practicality of industry join to create truly beautiful results. Domestic landscape gardening is a world of its own, and the design techniques used are really quite intelligent in what they aim to achieve.

For many landscape designers they see the garden as an external room or outdoor living space. The gardens designed are often functional as well as providing aesthetic stimulation. This therefore often makes modern landscape gardening interactive and practical.

One feature that is being integrated to a lot of gardens now is the outdoor kitchen. This provides cooking facilities and sometimes storage for drinks cooling as well. This turns the garden into what is essentially a second dining space. With this integration the space works seamlessly as a hosting area. Where as usually being dependent on an internal kitchen breaks up the flow and enjoyment of the garden. Garden hosting is becoming more popular once again and so the face of landscaping is becoming increasingly practical.
Although more expensive and less common swimming pools are a desirable landscaping feature to include.

They really are a status symbol inclusion and allow owners to have top class entertainment and hosting facilities integrated to their landscaping design. One thing that has to be kept in mind when pondering this idea is the maintenance costs. Having a pool in your landscape design comes with ongoing costs and upkeep measures.

As well as hosting, gardens are also used for relaxing and clearing one's head. This is another important factor that has to be integrated into a designer's plans. Many people include features such as fish ponds and meditating spots to give gardens a tranquil and peaceful feel. Water features are largely ornamental but definitely add to the relaxation and energy flow of a garden. There is something deeply relaxing about flowing water and that is why so many landscapers use it in their designs.

Landscapers also like to separate the outdoor areas by their function. This creates a clear focus on the function of each area of the garden. Many people do this with the use of shrubs and plants to create divides amongst areas. By creating separate areas you can have an area for relaxing, hosting, and children playing etc which gives your garden much more purpose.

There is so much thought and creativity that goes into landscape garden design. Each project is different and will be tailored to the client's needs and preferences. For something special make sure you work closely with the designer for best results.

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