Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Windowsill Herb Garden - A Great Way to Have Fresh Herbs Right at Your Fingertips

Part of the fun when it comes to growing herbs is to use them to add flavor and creativity to your cooking. All the more reason to plant a windowsill herb garden right in your kitchen. That way all you have to do is reach out and pluck the herbs right off the plant to use for dinner, what could be neater?

Of course, due primarily to size restrictions, some herbs will do better than others. You don't want anything that will get too big. Smaller, more compact herbs such as oregano, some varieties of basil, parsley, and sage are some good choices.

You can easily grow these herbs in small 4" - 5" pots. Obviously a sunny windowsill is best, preferably one that doesn't get drafts, but if your home is of a design that doesn't have an actual windowsill you can still plant your herbs inside on a shelf or small table.

If you don't get enough sun, that's not a problem either. Just invest in a fluorescent light and place it about 18" above your plants. One of the biggest tricks to growing herbs indoors is the dry winter air in most homes. To overcome that just make sure to check the moisture level of your herbs frequently. You can also use a spray bottle to mist them regularly and placing a small container of water near the heat source in a room can humidify the air in that room which will help you and your herbs!

When planting your herbs make sure to use sterilized potting soil and not just soil from outside in your garden. You should fertilize your plants about every 2 months, but not when the plant stops growing during the winter.

Enjoy fresh grown herbs all year long by just reaching out and picking them. It's easy to do if you plant a windowsill herb garden. It'll spice up your cooking, add great looking plants to your home, and even provide you with wonderful aroma's, not bad for a few small plants!

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