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How to Start Your Own Compost Manure

Compost manure refers to organic materials or matter that have been made to compose by following certain procedures over a period of time to improve the soil fertility and amend the soil. Compost manure is a natural means to improve soil fertility and is prepared by collecting natural materials such as peas and beans pods, grass, maize stalks, straws, potato peelings and food leftovers. These materials are put together in a heap pit and left to decay. The materials break down into humus after a period of time and ready for use after about four months.

Important Components of Compost Manure

· Water: this is to enhance decomposition of the compost materials and to allow aeration.

· Oxygen: to ensure oxidation of the carbon hence decomposition process.

· Carbon: this is to provide energy; the oxidation of carbon produces heat that ensures decomposition is successful.

Significance of Compost Manure

· Destroying pathogens and weeds; as a result of the heat produced during the process of decomposition, the pathogens in soil such as thermophilis and mesophilis and unwanted weeds are destroyed.

· Soil conditioning; the humus and bacteria in the soil ensure aeration in the soil, oxygen,nitrogen.

· Fertilization of soil: the nutrients in the manure enhances soil fertility and and the humus hold the right amount of water hence improving soil fertility.

· Improves soil structure; that is, soil profile, water, humus, air, and the living micro organisms

· It is cheap because it uses the locally available materials

Preparation of Compost Manure

Materials needed are tools such as jembe, panga, rake, spade, organic materials, grass, bean pods, shrubs, animal waste for example cow dung, rabbit and poultry droppings and food left overs.

Water is also needed and land or site that is free from running water, away fro home but near the garden. The compost pit should be away from home because it has a bad smell.

It can be prepared by digging a pit or by heaping the materials on the ground.

Preparation of Compost Manure

Compost pit is a place where farmers make their own compost manure. Plant waste, animal manure, wood ash are put in the pit.


1. Select a suitable site.this should be a place that is so near the home but closer to the garden where the manure will be used.

2. Clear the site by cutting down the bush using a panga and a rake.

3. Prepare the pit using a jembe or spade. The pit should be 1 ft deep and of any width that the farmer wishes.

4. Collect the materials for the compost. These are grass, crop residues leaves, cattle dung, chicken, goat and sheep droppings, egg shells, ash, peas ans bean pods.

5. Put hard leaves at the base. Then put the first layer of materials you have collected. Put a layer of soil rich in organic matter on the first layer, ans the sprinkle water.

6. Repeat the above steps up to about one and half meters high.leave the hip for 3 to 4 weeks undisturbed then re-arrange the layer starting from top layer going up for another 3 to 4 weeks, repeat the re-arrangement until the 4th month and the manure will be ready for use.

7. If the material is prepare in a pit, a separate pit should be prepared so that the compost material is put there when it is changed. if it is a heap, it should be turned on the ground next to the heap.

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