Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Useful Tricks for Maintaining Your Garden Design

It costs a fortune to have a beautiful Garden Designs Ideas Montgomery and if you don’t learn to maintain it well, the fortune you spent might as well go to waste. The good news is that garden maintenance is not as hard as it seems provided you practice a few basic strategies. From pest control to dirt control, you can easily maintain your garden design by following these three basic tips:

1. Adopt Good Pest Control Strategies: Pests and insects simply love your garden and they will be the first ones to ruin your trimmed shrubs. This means you have to take up some rigid pest control strategies to make sure your garden stays protected. Use pesticides in moderate amounts when necessary, however, try not to use it excessively because that could be detrimental to the plants as well as for your health. If you are scared of rats, lay out traps at dark spots or at places where they are prone to come up. If there’s any open hole in the garden hedges, cover them up. Put up a fence gate to prevent other animals from entering.

2. Prevent Kids from Playing in the Garden: This might sound a little harsh but if your kids are into playing rough and tough games in your garden then it is likely to get spoiled soon. If your garden was given an intricate design, it means you will have to prevent kids from playing there. They should be allowed to play in your presence but while you’re not there, its better you prevent them from entering the area. When kids play, they will definitely make a mess and possibly break a plant or two. From breaking pots to digging up dirt, they do it all and before you know it, your garden is a catastrophic mess. If you have spent thousands of dollars on your garden design, keep your pets and your children off the premises.

3. Make Sure You Keep the Garden Clean: A dirty garden is an attractive spot for rodents, pests and other unwelcomed creatures. It would also require extra maintenance too if you don’t regularly keep it clean. Do what you can on your part. Keep a check on weeds and remove them as soon as you see them because the longer you keep weeds around the more dangerous they become for the plants. Weeds can cause the spread of disease amongst plants and therefore you must try to keep the garden free of them. Also water your plants regularly but don’t just hold a water pipe and flush them with it mercilessly. Be gentle because a rough splash can cause plants to break off from their roots.
Take on these preventive measures and you won’t have to worry about your garden design going wrong. 

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