Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Cleanup and Preparing Your Landscaping for Winter

Red, orange, yellow, and brown colors everywhere says It's fall time in your area. This year, don't dread the changing of the leaves and be prepared. A good fall cleanup is an important part of maintaining your landscaping investment. A little care in the fall will help prevent disease, and prepare your landscaping for optimal growth and color for the following year.

Unless you have a week to spend cleaning up your property, it will probably be best to hire a landscaping expert to handle most or all of your Fall Cleanup NJ, quickly and efficiently. Professional landscapers have tools and equipment that make preparing your property for winter a snap. I hear from my customers all the time that spending a few days raking last fall made them realize they had muscles they did not realize existed. Nothing but sore backs and wasted time to show for their effort.

Fear not, you have an expert landscaper on your side that will explain the services you need to be looking for to have your landscaping winning prizes next year.

1. It is very important to remove the leaves and fall debris from your Landscaping. Dead leaves and debris left around plants through winter and fall create a good habitat for insects and disease. Using best horticulture practices by a certified and trained landscaper you will see a noticeable difference in the color and growth in your plants next spring.

2. Fall is a perfect time to fertilize your lawn and plants. Fertilizing in the fall will strengthen your grass' roots, promoting lush growth next spring. Feeding your lawn during this period will also help prevent weed growth to stop dandelions in their tracks. Plants also benefit from a fall fertilization and you will notice more flowers and stronger more resilient plants next year.

3. Winterizing your irrigation systems are important to prevent breakage and major repair costs next spring. In areas where the winter frost reaches beyond the pipe depth it is a priority to get professional winterizing. A professional landscaper can ensure that there is no remaining water in your irrigation pipes. Even a trace amount of liquid can expand and break the PVC pipes resulting in costly repairs.

I hope this article will prepare you to make the right decision this fall and hire a professional landscaper to handle your fall cleanup. We can help keep your lawn and landscaping the envy of the neighborhood next year. Please support your local landscaper.

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