Saturday, September 28, 2013

How Can I Create A Classical Garden Fountain At Home?

While installing something like garden fountains is a job that can be hired out. Some people really like to do their own work as there just is no better feeling for them to stand back and look at something they created with their own two hands.
If you fall into the do it yourself category, you may be wondering how you can go about putting beautiful garden fountains that will not only work, but look as wonderful as possible in your yard. The answer is, with a little hard work.
The first thing to determine if you are going to put a fountain in your garden is what size will work best. The key here is to match the fountain size to your outside space. If the fountain is too big it will dominate your landscape and if it is too small the fountain will simply disappear. Neither of these is the ideal scenario. So you may need to do some trial and error until you find the correct dimensions.
One trick to finding the perfect size is to find anything about the size of the fountain you want and set it in the garden. This way you do not have to buy it, and then return it because it is too big or too small for your garden. Asking for some professional advice here can help by taking picture to show someone with the dimensions of your garden may also help get you the right fountain first time. After you have picked out the perfect fountain you will want to prepare the area you wish to put it in. You need to pick a spot close to a water source to avoid having to trench a large distance.
You are also going to want to clear the grass from the area where the base will set, and put down a weed deterrent fabric so that you do not have problems later, once this is done you will need to run any water lines in the trench necessary for the fountain to work. This can be as simple as a water hose all the way up to actually running PVC pipe.
If the water connection is a difficult one, this may be where even the biggest do it yourself-er may want to call in a professional for support, to actually do it for you or maybe just to check that everything has gone smoothly.
Once the water line is in place, put the fountain in place and hook up the water. Turn it on and wait for a few hours before covering the trench where the water source is located.
Finally you will want to fill in around your new beautiful water fountain with mulch or stone. This process can transform a beautiful garden into an exquisite garden with just a little hard work.
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