Monday, September 16, 2013

Buying the Right Table Cloth for your Table

Like tables, tablecloths also come in different shapes and sizes. As they are a very important part of your kitchen and they matter a lot to the overall kitchen or dining room theme and appearance. The fabric that you have opt for can made to resist fading from harsh, steady sunlight like vinyl, soft and rich or delicate and lacy.

 Tablecloths are usually sold in a diverse range including linen and cotton being the most popular of all and polyester, linen and vinyl being the more practical choices. Special table cloths for weddings and other special occasions usually made up of silk and organza. The purpose of the table cloth will determine which material is best suited for your requirement. But one important things is that each material offers its own pros and cons in terms of functionality and style.

Which type of fabric you choose for your table cloth can complement or confuse your dining room d├ęcor and design. If you keep these guidelines in mind while buying table cloths or table linens, it will help you select the perfect kind of fabric that will make your dining experience more elegant, enjoyable and memorable.
• Before you decide about the kind of fabric for your table, do consider your needs, your food habits and how often you would have to entertain guests.

• If you entertain family and friends very often, the linen tablecloth is the perfect choice for you. They might be expensive but they do look elegant and graceful.

• If you want a tablecloth for everyday use and you have children at home create a lot of mess while eating, then cotton table cloth is the most appropriate choice for you. Cotton table cloths last very long as compared to other table cloths. You can clean them easily too.

• Another less costly option is to buy a polyester tablecloth or cotton-polyester blend tablecloth. With it silky and shiny looks, it would be the best option for semi formal indoor dining or outdoor parties.

• Silk and organza are expensive tablecloth options and are best suited for weddings nad other special occasions.  

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