Saturday, September 21, 2013

Great Tips for Maintaining Your Windowsill Herb Garden

Do you have a windowsill herb garden? Do you know what plants are suitable for this type of a garden? This article will help you learn how to properly take good care of your windowsill herb plants. You don't need to be an expert gardener to have a beautiful garden inside your home.

Here are the top tips on how you can be successful in caring for your windowsill herb garden. You must read this carefully so that you can easily apply them to your growing plants.

1. Regularly trim the windowsill garden plants - A messy windowsill garden translates to an untidy-looking home. Trim your plants regularly to keep them nice and compact. You cannot just plant any of the available seeds or herb plants in the windowsill. The best herbs for your windowsill are those that stay compact and dense. Choose herbs that don't grow too tall or too wide.

2. Choose the plants that are suited for a windowsill garden. There are plants that are suited for a windowsill garden. Expert gardening executive Louise Hyde said these plants include Italian oregano, basil, parsley, and sage. Italian oregano is known for its delicious flavor; rosemary for its repelling nature for fungus; Basils are also great plants for indoor gardening. Parsley will always thrive anywhere in the house, as long as they are hit by sunlight every day.

3. Use containers that are at least four inches wide - You cannot just look for containers and plant the herbs there. Why the size is very important? You should remember that this is a windowsill herb garden and using different sizes of containers will surely create a bad look in the windowsill.

4. Fertilize your herb plants every six to eight weeks. Fertilizer is very important for your plants to grow. You can use a compost tea as fertilizer or you may try the seaweed spray method. However, you have to cut off applications during winter and the plant's growth is slow. There are many kinds of fertilizers you can use aside from organic fertilizers. Just make sure than when you use inorganic fertilizers, they are labeled edible to ensure your plant's safety. Remember to water your herb garden regularly especially when the soil is dry.
Make sure that you take full advantage of the herbs you grow. After all, you have invested your time and effort, and put love and care into seeing your windowsill herb garden flourish.

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