Monday, July 29, 2013

Is Moving House Worth Your Sanity?

Moving house is a pain in the neck, but with the right forward thinking you can reduce the amount of pain and get it over and done with as quickly as possible.
Be sure that everything that you plan to move is ready to be put away as soon as you get to the new space. Try to have as much of your laundry clean and folded to be put directly into drawers when you get to your new space so that it's not sitting out taking up space on the floor. If you can find large mover's rubber bands, you can strap them across desks and cabinets so that you don't have to unpack individual drawers only to re-pack them when you get to your new space.
Be careful! Glass that is not securely wrapped in bubble wrap or paper may shatter, and items that are not tightly packed may be knocked around when moving. Also, as heavy as a desk or a shelf may be, it is heavier when the drawers and cabinets have not been emptied.
This leads to the next moving tip: be sure you have all of the necessary moving tools ready for the big day! If you hire a moving company, they will likely have hand trucks and floor carts for moving furniture and larger items. However, if you are moving yourself with little or no help, have your moving tools ready! Running to the hardware store the day of the move to get things you forgot to plan for takes time away from the ultimate goal: getting moved.
A good strategy is to start packing as early as possible, putting away your possessions that you do not immediately need or do not plan to use before you move. As you get closer to the moving day and you use items in your home, pack them as you decide whether they are ready to be moved or not. Keep a list of things you think of to pack, check, buy before moving, and other odds and ends that inevitably come up during moving.
Be sure to have plenty of garbage bags handy the day of the move as you will likely find yourself deciding whether or not it is worth bringing something to your new space. Be sure to check with your local ordinances about where it is legal to discard furniture and other appliances.

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