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8 Creative Ideas for Plant Pots

Planting flowers always adds more color, brightness and life to your house, porch, yard or garden. Their huge variety makes it easier to choose appropriate pants for your place, but flowers are far not everything that can make your life full of bright colors.

Ideas for plant pots create a special atmosphere. Creative and unique containers are fun and appealing. Regular pots are so boring... Don't you want to include lots of other items that are lying around your garage or attic? We offer you the most popular ideas for plant pots to make your ordinary pots unusual.

Creative Solutions For Plant Containers

Boot. Modify your footwear to make it fun, creative, bright and usual. Your choice can vary from an old leather shoe to Dutch wooden one. You can paint the shoe and leave it on the porch, attracting your neighbors with its unusual look.

Teapot. Take a teapot and move its top. Don't take a kettle, as it won't lead to a proper effect. A teapot is an excellent place to grow a peppermint plant or any sort of herb that can be turned into tisane.

Milk Cartons. Ordinary milk cartons are not appealing, you may saya?Э But if you have a lot of them and place side by side, such repetition creates an offbeat look. Besides, the greatest benefit of such ideas for plant pots is the fact you won't have to spend too much money.

Aquarium. Have you got an old one? Are you sure it needs a second lease on life? Then fill it with dirt and repot greenery. Be sure greenery in transparent glass will give a new and much better look.

Mailbox. You'll need an old school mailbox, which is easily turned into a fashionable and very creative plant container. It is great for both outdoor and indoor placement, possessing a distinct and artful shape.

Crockery. Old crocks can be found at a thrift stores or in an attic. Coming in a great variety of sizes, they are nice alternatives to boring regular flowerpots. Kitchen counter crocks are especially charming and creative.

Paper Coffee Cups. It's very easy to get a pot like this one. Visiting a local coffeehouse, save a paper cup and use it as a cheap, but great plant pot.

Tires. That's the greatest way to recycle flat tires you have at home. Cut a tire open and fill in flowers or any other kinds of plants.

Planting in old boots and aquariums, paper cups and cartons is an excellent way to create an attractive flower display. Use any of ideas for plant pots to make your place look unique.

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